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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do you accept Section 8?

Yes. We work with all local and state assistance programs such as Lansing Housing Commission (LHC), Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA), Becka Management, Advent House Ministries, Holly Cross Services, Capital Area Housing Partnership, and others. 

2. What are your requirements from tenants?

As a rule of thumb, we require good credit and sufficient income. We look at the entire credit history and not just the score.

3. What if my credit is low?

We offer special programs to low credit applicants. 

Option 1 - Get a qualified person to co-sign for you

Option 2 - Prepay additional two months of rent to keep ahead on rent at all times 

Rent Smart - Helping to Make Renting a Great Experience for You!

We are partnered with the City of Lansing and prioritize applicants who complete the Rent Smart Program provided by the city. for more information, please visit the Housing Ombudsman's webpage  

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