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Be a Smart Consumer! Sell / Buy / Rent for Less 

Whether you're looking to sell, buy or rent a new home, you must be looking for the best deal out there. Well, we've got you covered...

At, we buy houses of Lansing, we believe that knowledge is power and wish to empower you to make smart educated decisions.

Browse knowledge center and read our articles from more smart insights on how to sell, buy or rent more efficiently.


sell your house directly to us and save on real estate fees and commissions. We are a local qualified cash buyer and we take the hassle out of home selling.

We make win-win cash offers and we'll buy your house in its as-is condition so you do not need to waste time on cleanup, repairs and showings


Buy directly from us. We offer a great selection of trendy renovated houses at a great discount. We offer a wide range of homes for sale for every budget.


From studio to 1 BR apartment and from 2 to 5 BR houses, we have a great selection of rental opportunities for every family size.

Call us today for availability

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